Did you know – You can add an external porch, deck, carport or garage to your granny flat WITHOUT using up your maximum 60m² allowance? See some examples of how you can add more space below.

Under the new State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP), the maximum permissible floor area of a Granny Flat can‘t exceed 60m2 under the new Complying Development regulations.

For those Property Owners that want more space for their Granny Flat and believe that living in a Granny Flat should not compromise the quality of the tenants or your living standards, then there is an opportunity to upgrade your new Granny Flat building with the following additions which are NOT included in the 60m2 internal area:

– Front porch or deck to give your building a homely feeling;
– An alfresco to create a flow from the inside to out;
– Carport or garage to keep the car close by for the ease of carrying your shopping;

These features will help improve the look of the building, and make them more functional to suit your lifestyle. Remember, a good building starts with a smart design, which is what we do best!

Can a Granny Flat be built on my block?

A general requirement for granny flats is:

  • Land zoned Residential.
  • Blocks 450m2 or greater.
  • Maximum floor area 60m2.
  • 3m rear set back from property boundary.
Is Approving a Granny Flat Hard?

No. The government are actually encouraging the construction of Granny Flats everywhere via Complying Development applications.

How long does it take to gain approval?

Under Complying Development, approvals can be obtained with 14 Days. If your property is not suitable for Complying Development then a Development Application can be lodged with your local Council.

Do I have to do anything myself to get my Granny Flat approved?

No, we can handle the entire process from beginning to end.

Does it cost anything for the first site visit?

No. Call 1300 193 336 to arrange a time and we will come examine your block suitability and discuss your options.

Do I have to choose one of your plans?

No. We are happy to design a custom Granny Flat specific to your needs, block requirements and/or budget.

I have my own plans can you build it?

Yes. We are happy to provide you a quote to build plans you have already done yourself contact us directly to discuss or email the plans here.

What size can I build my granny flat?

The maximum size is 60 square metres excluding carports, veranda’s, outbuildings, garages etc.

How long does the construction take?

Typically 11 weeks for completion, subject to weather.

Can a Granny Flat be attached to the existing house?


Are your Granny Flats kit homes?

No. We Construct your Granny Flat from the ground up based designs specific to your block.

Do you provide separate meters for water and electricity?


Can you build your Granny Flats for handicapped accessibility?

Yes our designs can be modified to enable access for people with disabilities.

Do you offer any warranties or guarantees?

All appliances come with manufacturer 12 month warranties, construction has 7 years structural warranty and our maintenance period is 13 weeks.

Are site costs and service connections included?

Yes. Our standard pricing includes all relevant site costs and service connections including, Water, Sewer, Power, Telecommunications as well as Gas if nominated.

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